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You must read these rules before joining so everyone understands the game.



1. No swearing.
2. No profanity.
3. All players must be treated with respect.
4. You must join the message board and then post weekly to show you're active.
5. You start with 100,000 and can get a job, sell your horses or win prizes to earn more.
In the future there may be a monthly quiz emailed to you about horses. The person who gets the most right will win 50.


1. You cannot create horses as you can't in real life
2. You can either buy horses from Rainbow Ranches (Sales Page), another player, bid for one in the Auction House, breed one or adopt one from the Adoption Agency.
3. Horses do not age unless you email me and let me know you want them to get older.
4. Horses stats must be realistic or will be changed.
5. You can only own as many horses as you have amount of stables. Although, if some of your horses are NOT competing and you own a field, they can live out all year.
6. You must visit the vet and farrier once a month for check ups. This means you must email whoever the vet and farrier are.


1. To run a show you must own or rent a stable.
2. Your show must be verified by me and then advertised on the message board a week or more in advance.
3. Each class must have a minimum of 2 entrants.
4. You can give out as many points/money as you like in your show.
5. A horse cannot enter more then 1 event per day and must be trained in the discipline it is entered into.
6. Horses must retire from competitions at 25 but can still be kept as pets or at stud.


1. A horse must be trained by a licensed trainer. This means either by you, directly from another member with a license or a stable providing training.
2. To gain a training (or other) license you must visit Oak Tree Academy.
3. Horses can be trained in up to 4 disciplines.
4. To enter a show, they must be trained in that discipline. If a horse is currently being trained, they are eligible to enter novice classes of that discipline.


1. Mares must be between 3 and 20 to breed. Stallions must be over 2.
2. If you plan to breed both sire (father) and dam (mother) must go to the vet first.
3. Mares that are in-foal must not be entered into any shows.
4. Foals cannot entered shows until they are trained.
5. Mares are in-foal for one week and can only breed once a month. There is no limit for stallions.
6. Foals are born with their mother's points + their father's points, divided by 2. (eg, father has 20, mother has 50, foal will have 35).
7. You can breed your two horses by visiting the Breeding Page and filling out the form.


1. You may only own one stable
2. You must create a webpage for your stable.
3. You must buy equipment for your stable from the Shop.